Adventure Poetry

In a recent post, I committed to write two poems a week, which is proving to be challenging while trying to produce quality material. In the near future, I’ll be posting some here.

I have poetry over on Instagram @DJFpoet, mostly a blend of romance and sensual works, with a few based on ideas, and some directly from people watching. My favourites are those written about and by the Lost Knight, a wandering warrior lost in love with the various women he’s met.

With my love for classic adventure stories, mythological and fantasy tales, and heroic battle yarns, it seems like a natural progression for my poems to morph into stories of heroes and monsters. Knights yet again, but a different side of that world.

I’ve written a few adventure poems in the past, based on gaming sessions. I’m cleaning these up (they need a lot of love), and will post a couple soon.

Revising poetry with an Old Fashioned cocktail

I also have some ideas for writing ongoing collection of poems telling individual stories but part of a longer saga. Knights versus demons in a world where the good guys lost the war a long time ago.

No immediate plans to try Skaldic or Eddaic form, iambic pentameter, or anything overly fancy, sometimes it’s hard enough just to tell a story in a few words and utilize figurative language.

With that, he set down the well-worn quill, 
And let his weary mind sit still...


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