The Lost Knight

The Lost Knight

The Lost Knight stood and reared his mare.
One stood ahead with flaming hair.
He stood and gazed and could not care.
For his heart had not ever seen one so fair.

To the ground he leapt with feet so light,
Then fumbled forward with all his might.
And stumble he may he’d win the fight.
He’d reach her who made his heart take flight.

He dropped to kneel down at her feet,
A most humble gesture and heart’s retreat.
From one who made his heart fast beat,
And who’s scent tasted so candy sweet.

He kissed her hand in such a way.
Like he’d kissed it a thousand day.
He looked to her green eyes then did say.
I’ll Love You forever if I may.

She stood him up and did disclose,
That he’s the one that she has chose.
He picked for her a single rose,
Sat her down and wrote her prose.



This piece was written long ago in university, with very little revision since. One of my most loved poems, it seems to strike a chord with others. Recently as 09/09/9, it was shared from my poetry IG @DJFpoet by @Myth.and.lore, who made some wonderful comments. Thanks for the love. – DJF

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